October 24, 2015

Time Is Money

Our virtual tours offer sellers and buyers several time saving benefits. Let’s take a look…

1. The realtor sends a link to the virtual tour before scheduling the onsite visit. This helps the realtor show a home to a buyer that is more interested since they’ve already viewed the online virtual tour.

2. Show more homes. The realtor can send several links to several potential buyers at once.

3. The realtors at their office, the buyer is at home, both in front of their computer viewing the online virtual tour and discussing various details about the property. Think of it as “Virtual Property Showing”.

4. Buyers can choose the homes they’d like to be shown from multiple online virtual tours they’ve already viewed from the comfort of their own homes, mobile devices, etc.

5. Online virtual tours offer a realistic view of a property in a way basic still photos could never accomplish.

6. We offer real / authentic 360 degree virtual tours.  Not fancy picture based slide shows.